Twitter Web App : So YouTube algorithm flagged my Reaction Video to 60 Minutes Australia' ridiculous sob story on poor Chinese billionaire under corruption investigation. And 60 Minutes blocked my video.

Tried to appeal but YouTube won't even review the dispute and it goes back to 60 Minutes to decide. BS!

Twitter Web App : State pension will rise in April by Sept CPI which was 3.1%. So old basic state pension up £4.25 a week to £141.85 and new state pension up £5.55 to £185.15. Triple lock would have raised them by 8.3% so ending it will cost old state pensioners £372 a year and new £486 a year.

Twitter for iPhone : These figures are pretty sobering. When I was running SavvyWomen and we did surveys on the effects of the state pension age rise, I heard from some quite desperate women who were really struggling financially.