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Twitter Media Studio : This summer we took to the streets to ask people a simple question:

How much do you earn?

Twitter Media Studio : The Tory punishing, unfair tax rise won’t fix social care.

We have a different approach. Labour will build a care service that’s expands access & drives up quality:

▪️ Help people staying longer in their homes
▪️ Raises standards
▪️ Proper pay - living wage - for care staff

Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson's social care announcement means an Amazon worker pays more tax - but Amazon itself is able to squirrel profits away in tax havens and only pays a fraction of what high street shops do.

It won’t work.

It's not fair

And it doesn’t fix social care.

Twitter for iPhone : The Home Secretary’s plan for “pushbacks” in the English Channel is inhumane, unconscionable & reckless. It risks putting lives in danger & breaking the law. The Home Secretary should publish the legal advice on it. My letter covered in the The Independent 👇…

Twitter for iPhone : Under the Conservatives, 2.5 million working people stand to lose over £1000 a year.

This is why we’re calling on Boris Johnson to cancel the cut.…

Twitter Web App : Today we remember the nearly 3,000 innocent people who were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

I know those who lost loved ones carry the pain of that tragedy in their hearts everyday.

This anniversary is a chance for all of us to say we too will never forget them.

TweetDeck : The Conservatives are hitting working people with a jobs tax.

And it won’t even fix social care.

TweetDeck : Under the Tories' plans, a care worker:

❌ gets a tax rise
❌ no pay rise

And people will still have to sell their homes to pay for social care.…

Twitter Media Studio : The Conservatives' plan for social care won't:

❌ fix the NHS backlog
❌ give social care the resources it needs
❌ stop people having to sell their homes to pay for care
❌ make the wealthiest pay their fair share

It's just a tax rise on working families.

Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson’s plans:
❌ won’t fix social care
❌ will increase taxes for working people
❌won’t hit the wealthy or big businesses

Find out what Boris Johnson's plan will cost you👇…

TweetDeck : Boris Johnson’s plan won’t work and it’s not fair.

Most of the tax rise won’t even go towards social care.

And working people are being made to foot the bill.

TweetDeck : Working people get a tax rise and most of the tax won’t even go towards social care.

Boris Johnson’s plan won’t work and it’s not fair.

Twitter Media Studio : .The Labour Party opposes the Home Secretary's appalling and dangerous proposal of ‘push back’ of small boats that puts lives at risk. That this has even been considered shows the Home Secretary’s complete failure on this issue.

Twitter Media Studio : I visited Dover last week to hear from the RNLI, refugee charities and frontline law enforcement officers about the work they are doing to prevent people risking their lives in small boats in the English Channel. Yet the Home Secretary is failing. Watch👇

TweetDeck : The Conservatives are hiking taxes on young and low-paid workers while leaving the wealthy untouched.

Find out how much their unfair tax rise is going to affect you 👇…

Twitter Media Studio : Their laughter says it all.