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TweetDeck : Fair Pay Agreements bring workers and businesses together to improve pay and conditions. They are good for workers. Good for business. Good for Britain.

Twitter Web App : Angela was a care worker who became a trade unionist to fight for fair and secure working conditions.

Our Labour government will drive up wages by empowering unions to negotiate minimum rates of pay across key sectors - starting with adult social care.…

Twitter Web App : Working people don’t want a hand out we want the power to demand a better deal.

Fair Pay Agreements will give workers a voice and deliver better pay and conditions.

Within the 100 days of a Labour government we will deliver a new deal for workers.

TweetDeck : BREAKING: Labour's Fair Pay Agreements would give working people a pay rise and boost our economy.

Labour would bring together representatives from workers and employers to agree minimum pay and conditions in their industry.

Good for working people. Good for business.

Twitter for iPhone : Less than 24 hours before Labour Conference kicks off tomorrow! Follow for all the latest action. 🌹

Twitter for Android : As people come together for the vigil for , my thoughts are with her loved ones. I cannot imagine the pain they're experiencing.

It's only by recognising the scale of violence against women and girls that we can begin to confront it.

Twitter Web App : Tomorrow it will be an honour to open Labour Party conference. In my speech I will set out more details of Labour's New Deal for Workers.

Our party was founded by working people coming together to demand a better deal and their fair share. That must always be our first priority.

TweetDeck : The Tories have helped developers maximise their profits while working people couldn’t afford their own home.

Labour will change that with new rules for developers to build affordable homes and give first-time buyers priority rather than investors.…

TweetDeck : Labour will focus on affordable, secure, safe housing.

We'd make sure first-time buyers get first dibs on new homes, not investors.

And we'd give councils the power to deliver housing their communities need - not what makes developers most profit.

Twitter for iPhone : Wherever Labour is in power, lives change for the better.

I’m proud to present Stronger Together: Labour Works - a new report showing the difference Labour is making across our country.

Labour works – and only we can deliver the change Britain needs.…

Twitter for iPhone : Britain’s response to the pandemic showed we achieve incredible things together.

Labour wants to harness that spirit to start building a better future for everyone.

Today Labour is launching Stronger Together: Britain in 2030 to show how.


Twitter Web App : A basic duty of government is to ensure secure and affordable energy supplies for households and businesses. The Tories were warned about a looming crisis and didn’t prepare.

TweetDeck : The Conservatives are hammering working families with tax increases and a cut to Universal Credit while energy bills are spiralling.

They don’t care about working families.…

Twitter Web App : Britain is at a crossroads: down one path is the same inequality of opportunity and insecurity.

Labour's path will provide security and opportunity to the working people who are the backbone of our country.…

Twitter for Android : The Tory Government has shown what it offers working people - tax hikes for pie in the sky plans.

The Labour path is the promise of a more secure, prosperous and brighter future.…