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TweetDeck : On , Labour stands against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.

It's unacceptable that violence against LGBT+ people has doubled in the last five years.

Labour will bring in tougher sentences for those who commit anti-LGBT+ hate crimes.…

Twitter Web App : The Conservatives let oil and gas companies make record profits whilst energy bills rocket for working people.

But Labour is on your side. A windfall tax would cut energy bills for millions of households.

Twitter for iPhone : Conservative ministers…

❌ are failing to support children’s recovery from the pandemic,
❌ are failing to ensure the safety of school buildings,
❌ are failing to address the cost of childcare.

Time and again, the Tories are failing our children.

Twitter for iPhone : Proud to talk about my amazing mum on today's @LooseWomen to mark Arthritis Care Awareness Week.

Twitter Media Studio : It’s time for a windfall tax on bumper oil and gas profits to bring down bills.

Tomorrow every Conservative MP will have the chance to vote for our plan to support people through this cost of living crisis.

Twitter Web App : It’s taken months, but we finally know what the government thinks people should do to cope with the cost of living crisis:

1. Work more hours
2. Get a better paid job.

The Conservatives are out of touch.

Twitter for iPhone : People are being pricing out of parenting.

The Tory answer to the cost of living crisis is that parents should spend more time at work and less time with their kids.

Labour will build a Britain where children come first.…

Twitter for Android : A windfall tax on the oil and gas companies making record profits is the fair and right thing to do.

The Government's excuses have run out. They should get on with it- and tomorrow we will give every Conservative MP the chance vote for Labour's windfall tax.

Twitter for iPhone : I’ve lived, worked and studied in Wakefield. Twenty years ago, I joined the Labour Party right here in the city.

It is the privilege of my life to be selected by local members as Labour’s candidate for the Wakefield by-election.

Thank you for your support.

Twitter for iPhone : Oil and gas companies are raking in billions while Boris Johnson fails to act. It’s shameful.

Tory MPs have a simple choice to make on Tuesday. 📆

Vote for a windfall tax on bumper energy profits to cut bills - or explain why you refuse to help. 🤲🏻

Twitter Media Studio : Conservative MPs have a choice.

Vote for Labour’s plan for a windfall tax on oil and gas producers or explain to their constituents why they refuse to help with soaring energy bills.

Twitter Media Studio : Labour: offering real solutions to fix the cost of living crisis.

Tories: leaving working people to pay the price with higher costs and higher taxes.