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Twitter for iPhone : GOOD NEWS utk pengguna iPhone 11 series, iPhone 11 to iPhone 11 Pro Max dan ke bawah.

Previously aku ada cakap tak boleh tukar bateri sebab nanti tak naik Battery Health, but now dah boleh guys 😍 Masa diperlukan hanya 1 jam untuk penukaran bateri.


Twitter Web App : The cozy browsing collection is here! Featuring comfy pyjamas, a festive candle, my very own hot chocolate blend and some slightly odd dinosaur socks! 😊🕯💤☕️


Twitter Web App : [#GirlsPlanet999] Behind Photos | Scenes of the FINAL LIVE ⑨

(Enduring🥲) The Behind Photos of the Scenes of the FINAL LIVE
Still Giving us Thrill and Excitement!📸

We Truly Appreciate Every Planet Guardian Around the World
For Watching <#GirlsPlanet999 : #TheGirlsSaga>