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Bio Leader of the Labour Party. Member of Parliament for Holborn and St Pancras. Former Director of Public Prosecutions.
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Twitter Web App : People across the country are facing rising costs but Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are nowhere to be seen.

My message to the Government is simple:

End the dither and delay.

Back Labour’s plan to provide security to millions of people.…

Twitter for iPhone : The Prime Minister is a national distraction.

Millions of people are struggling to pay the bills, but Boris Johnson and his government are spending the whole time mopping up their own rule-breaking, sleaze and deceit.

He’s got to go.

Twitter for iPhone : This is shocking to read, the Conservatives must investigate immediately. Solidarity with Nus Ghani MP for your bravery in speaking out.

There’s report after report of appalling behaviour and lack of respect at the centre of this government.

Culture is set at the top.

Grabyo : 'It's important that Putin doesn't make a massive miscalculation in invading Ukraine.'

Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey warns of 'economic and financial consequences' for Russia if troops cross the Ukrainian border.

Andrew Castle | John Healey MP

Twitter for iPhone : To protect our values and our security we must be steadfast in our opposition to Russian aggression.

We must stand with our Ukrainian allies.

And we must get our own house in order.…

Twitter Web App : The Conservatives are distracted by infighting and scandal while families across the country struggle with the cost-of-living crisis.

Labour’s contract with the British people will build a new Britain which guarantees security, prosperity and respect for all.

Twitter Media Studio : Britain deserves better than this out of touch, out of control, out of ideas and soon to be out of office Prime Minister.

Twitter for iPhone : I would like to welcome Christian Wakeford MP to the Labour Party.

I’m determined to build a new Britain which guarantees security, prosperity and respect for all and I’m delighted that Christian has decided to join us in this endeavour.

Twitter for iPhone : The Conservatives are too distracted by scandal and infighting to sort out the cost of living crisis.

Labour's plan would give security by keeping bills low - saving most households £200, with extra support for those who need it most.…

Twitter for Android : BREAKING: Inflation has risen again to 5.4%.

The cost of living crisis is biting harder but the Tories are too distracted by their own scandal to get a grip on it.

Labour's plan would keep bills low, saving most households £200, with extra support for those who need it most.

Twitter Media Studio : Great to be back at LBC for today, laying out my contract with the British people bound by security, prosperity and respect.

Twitter Web App : It's shameful that today, under the Conservative's watch, NHS waiting lists are the highest since records began.

The Conservatives have shown they can’t secure our health care system for the future.

Labour founded our NHS. Only Labour can reform and renew it.

Here’s how.

Twitter Media Studio : People were doing the right thing.

We were all in it together.

Boris Johnson and Number 10 weren’t.

That’s why he is unfit for office.

Twitter for iPhone : While the Prime Minister is distracted with fallout from his boozy lockdown-breaking parties, Labour is filling the vacuum with a vision to secure the NHS.

We’ll bring down waiting times and shift the focus of health care to prevention, as well as cure.…

Twitter for Android : Tackling the immediate crisis, future-proofing our NHS and shifting our focus to prevention is all part of Labour’s new contract with the British people.

With a Labour government led by Keir Starmer, our NHS – and Britain – will once again thrive.…

Twitter for iPhone : While Boris Johnson goes into hiding and the Conservative Party shows it is not fit to govern, Keir Starmer today sets out Labour’s ambition for health and social care, showing how Labour will give people the security, prosperity and respect you deserve.…