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Twitter for Android : Grubby sturgeon just been asked on the Marr show about the fact that since snp took control there are 1358 fewer emergency beds available,her reply was number of beds in England & Wales had also fallen.🤔🤔.Experts say 1000 beds would resolve and relieve pressure on NHS Scotland.

Twitter Web App : I sorted r/detrans by top posts of all time and started scrolling. I took note of the sex of the first 60 detransitioners who had posted photos – 50 detrans women and 10 detrans men. 1/5

Twitter Web App : If we (Trans) require crisis centres, rape counselling and shelters, then we need to pull our finger out and fight for our own, like Women did, instead of causing problems by placing ourselves in their spaces.

Twitter for Android : Nick (@CCSDVoice) asked me to share his latest FB status with you to let you know the TRA claims against his business selling 'transphobic jewelry' have been dismissed by Kofi and his business saved!

Some great news, it's been a tough time for Nick but he's bouncing back 🙂

Twitter Web App : 1/2 Been getting loads of messages from women in the Brighton area that have also been refused female-only services in sexual assault centres/DV refuges and told that they are open to anyone that ID's as a woman. I think we might be looking at a legal challenge here, and also

Twitter for iPhone : I once left a group therapy setting because I was told it was all female & a man was there. As soon as I said I felt uncomfortable—as a woman & as someone who’s been sexualized my entire fucking life—we spent the rest of the session listening to the dude’s hurty feels.

So gross.

Twitter Web App : YOU did it. You donated £45,000+ in just 30 days! We're humbled. Our promise to you is we'll always uphold the Truth, defend Facts and advance the interests of LGB people in ways that protect the rights of women and enhance the wellbeing of children. Thankyou. 🙏

Twitter for iPhone : The fact that society will believe a man who says he is a woman over a woman who says he is not, proves that everyone knows exactly who is a man and who is a woman, and precisely just how sexist society remains.


Twitter for Android : Just listening on a twitter space to a guy incoherently pontificating about 'gender is profound & we shouldn't be dogmatic but exploratory' & a woman asked 'what is gender?'
He told her to shut up while he was speaking & I thought 'that, right there, my friends, is gender'.

Twitter Web App : One of these women has taken on and beaten the WM Government, supports women's rights, independence and is unashamedly gay. The other can only dream of being any of that. Given a choice, I'll take authenticity over duplicity every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Twitter for iPhone : Well that was the worst flight of my life. Two failed attempts at landing in Edinburgh and the pilot abandoned and has flown back to London.
Awful but at least we have landed safely. Now to plan how to get back home.

Twitter for iPhone : This is beautiful and hopefully will cheer J.K. Rowling up after a horrendous few weeks.