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Twitter Web App : In the most recent week, the number of PCR and LFD tests done has *fallen*, yet weekly case numbers are at 260k - the second highest total since feb. Meaning large rises in positivity.

Twitter Web App : This week's UK Health Security Agency COVID surveillance report is out covering week ending 17th Oct, with case rates and positivity climbing fast.

And the inevitable variation by geography, ethnicity, and deprivation - although not what you might expect. 🧵…

Twitter Web App : I could be wrong (and hope I am) but yes. A mass event (with major movement of people in & out) with an infectious virus will cause an increase in cases. While in the case of COVID will put stress on limited health services. Which triggers need for further restrictions.

Twitter for iPhone : Mistake to call it Plan B with implication of admitting failure.

Mistake to equate Plan B with lockdown.

Mistake to talk about individual choice rather than social responsibility.

Mistake to underplay pressure on NHS as “sustainable”.

Twitter for iPhone : ERADICATION?—oh hey… Historically low global flu rates during the pandemic may have eradicated one flu type—1 of 4 flu viruses that infect humans each year hasn't been detected anywhere in the world since April 2020➡️ zero worldwide in 18 months! Hopeful.…

Twitter Web App : Nice to see some neutralisation data on 3rd Pfizer (booster) dose. Neutralisation to WT, Beta and Delta all similar, no huge drops against Delta. Hopefully, this is sustained!…

Twitter Web App : Some really interesting preprints recently released about the Provincetown outbreak. 🧵

I think the first one worth discussing is this one:…

Twitter for Android : Here's what the red dot treatment looks like when applied to the most recent medium term projection. Most recent England admissions data point is 894 on 19th.

The tweet below is comparing now to a disastrous outcome. Of course reality looks better when you do that.

Twitter for iPhone : I’m recording BBC inside science the about false negative scandal.
It’s made me realise there’s still so much we don’t know.
Why were the tests going wrong?
How widespread was the problem?
Have the other Immensa/Dante labs been investigated?
Why did it take so long to spot?

Twitter for iPhone : The vaccine rollout for 12-15 year olds has been a disaster with just 17% of that age group having had the jab in England so far.
Thankfully booking for walk in centres has just opened up to 12-15 year olds, so you can now take charge of what’s happening.…

Twitter Web App : Slightly concerned that some of these areas in the South West might head into orbit soon.

Do any wise people know if tests from Blaenau Gwent also went to the Immensa lab, or is something else worrying going on there?

Grabyo : GP Dr Helen Salisbury: 'We need multiple things to stop Covid.'

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