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Twitter Web App : We're nearly at 50,000 cases *per day*. And close to 900 deaths *per week*. Hospitalisations ('pressure on NHS') have been hovering ~1000 admissions per day for the last several weeks. And we have major educational disruption. At what point does the Government's PLAN B kick in?

Twitter Web App : The world watches agape as the UK watches Covid rage and does nothing about it.
Nearly 50,000 cases a day
Over 5,000 hospitalisation a week
50 hour waits for A&E.
Almost 5 planeloads of people dying every 7 days.
And they know that it really doesn't have to be like this.

Twitter for iPhone : The UK has the highest case rates of COVID-19 in the world. One third of our population is not protected. China has already vaccinated a higher % and through infection control has a death rate of 3 per million. Our death rate is 2028 per million. The govt + advisers are silent.

Twitter Web App : When we did our risk-benefit analysis on vaccinating teens (now in press EditorJRSM), our worst case scenario was case rates of 1000/100,000/week in children for 16 weeks.

At those high case numbers, vaccines were incredibly beneficial for kids... 1/2

Twitter for iPhone : Nearly 50,000 cases today.

There have only been 16 days throughout the whole pandemic when we have reported higher case numbers.

Just looking at the situation in our European neighbours makes it abundantly clear that it didn’t have to be this way.

Twitter Web App : this ONS report makes clear that 1 dose of vaccine is much less effective than 2 doses at preventing infection.
We also don't know how long 1 dose protects for after 12 weeks.
So what is the evidence behind offering teens only 1 dose?
JCVI needs to make clear their reasoning.

Twitter Web App : The text message that people are receiving to inform them they may have had a false negative includes

'We apologise for any inconvenience caused'.

Missing the bus is inconvenient.

Being told you're not infectious and potentially infecting friends and colleagues is dangerous.

Twitter Web App : THREAD: Some numbers on Covid and kids since 1 Sept 2020.

For 5-14 yr old kids:
Whole of Autumn term (rise of Alpha) through to spring: 239K confirmed cases.
Summer term starts low, then Delta. April - August another 285K cases.
Since 1 Sept, 336K cases *so far*. 1/7

Twitter for iPad : My piece from Hugh Pym’s report on the BBC News (UK) at six.
‘10s of thousand of people with false negative result have been going into school, they’ve been going into work and potentially infecting other people.’