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Some records taken by Trump are so sensitive they may not be described in public…

Noah Shachtman(@NoahShachtman) 's Twitter Profile Photo

“I mean, good God,' a person close to Trump said Monday night. 'It’s looking really bleak.”…

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Tucker Carlson and raving Infowars ranter Alex Jones trade text messages on a daily basis, according to two people familiar with their relationship. If made public, these sources said, the text messages would be “highly embarrassing” for Carlson.…

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Hannity: If you are associated with Donald Trump in any way, you better cross all your i’s and dot all your t’s

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'That intimate photo was sent to Roger Stone and I don't know if that was consensual,' Mark Bankston reveals an intimate photo of Alex Jones' wife was found in his phone and that it was sent to

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Expect most Republicans with presidential aspirations to react this way — at least publicly.

Kinda surprised Rubio was this quick to it.

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“How to properly handle classified documents was not something that was really pressed upon us.” — former Trump White House official Stephanie Grisham on CNN as we learn details about the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago

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THREAD: “What’s the difference between this and Watergate?” Donald Trump raged in a statement Monday night after FBI agents.

Well, as a Watergate and FBI historian, four things stand out to me:

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The posts on these pro-Trump forums tonight are as violent as I've seen them since before January 6th. Maybe even moreso.

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NEW: Tucker Carlson ‘Shitting Himself’ Scared That His Alex Jones Texts May Leak…

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CONFIRMED: Two sources say the raid, which took 'hours,' centered on allegations of improperly remvoed documents from the Trump White House — including some that may have been classified. Update coming shortly w/ Jonathan Lemire Nicholas Wu…