Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : “He just thinks he can blag his way out of trouble - the joke is not funny anymore.”

Labour’s @thangamMP says it is insulting that while families were facing tough restrictions, senior No 10 officials were alleged to have been having a party.

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Twitter for iPhone : I should feel sorry for this Tory MP on the panel as she is so obviously out of her depth but I don’t because - like most of her colleagues- she has lost every last shred of integrity and credibility by defending Johnson and his lies.

Twitter Web App : ..We need clear guidance

..We can't have nonsense and spin

..All we're getting is Peppa Pig, and that's not good enough

Theo Paphitis

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Twitter for iPhone : Tonight on Prof. Peter Openshaw, (respiratory physician, immunologist, NERVTAG) was asked if he would go to a Christmas Party. His response is NO but unfortunately BBC Question Time didn’t put out his answer, here it is
Peter Openshaw

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Twitter for iPhone : Here’s when the retail entrepreneur Theo Paphitis gives the scientist and government minister Maggie Throup MP a simple science lesson on viral transmission on

“Maggie you’re a scientist. You know that’s nonsense”

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Twitter for iPhone : theo paphitis pops Maggie Throup in his back pocket & sends her packing on the illogical use of face masks in only 2 settings 🤯

She’s lost, Johnson sent out a scientist MP who just repeats the Tory script

Zero credibility in this woman

Well done Theo Paphitis 👏👏

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : “Whatever the event was, then the guidance was followed.”

“So there was an event?”

Maggie Throup MP is pressed to clarify details after it was revealed a Christmas Party took place at Downing Street last year when restrictions were in place banning them.

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Twitter for iPhone : Today’s film looks at Boris Johnson’s refusal to deny No 10 held a Christmas party during lockdown last year & his insistence

“All guidance was followed completely”

After watching this you might conclude he is again talking complete boll****

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Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : “I’ve got a two year-old and at the moment we’re potty training… One day he’s going to get it and his best is going to be good enough. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Boris.”

This audience member has an analogy for the prime minister’s perceived recent setbacks.

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