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Twitter Web App : EXCLU: We obtained the draft Trump executive order that would have seized the voting machines and named a special counsel to probe the 2020 election.

Read the whole thing here:…

Twitter Web App : If you're a white person angry about masks you can threaten to walk into your kid's school with 'every single gun loaded and ready' and then later call the cops and say you didn't actually mean it, and they will give you a mulligan

SocialFlow : Yakei, a female Japanese macaque in a nature reserve in southern Japan, violently overthrew the alpha male of her troop to become its first female leader in the reserve’s 70-year history.

A messy love triangle could endanger her grip on power.

Twitter Web App : Fox News’ Mark Levin compares Black Lives Matter to the Nazi architects of “the Final Solution. The Holocaust”…

SnapStream TV Search : 'its harder to get a burger in our nations capital than it is to get carjacked'

Twitter Web App : Hannity on 1/7 in private: 'No more stolen election talk'

Hannity on 1/7 on Fox: State legislatures 'need to get working now' to restrict voting access after Matt Gaetz says 'Donald Trump won this election'

Twitter Media Studio : It’s a midterm year so Fox News is starting Back at One