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Twitter for iPhone : Multiple Black friends have cried out, expressing literal sickness, trauma & PTSD manifestations, upon seeing the horrific images of mounted border agents whipping Haitians. More than one has said, and I agree, the images look like slavery photos, digitally enhanced to add color.

Hootsuite Inc. : Transport is the biggest source for both air and noise pollution in the UK. And yet 68% of the trips we make are under five miles - distances many of us could easily cycle or walk.

Tomorrow is - it's time to start a simple planet-saving habit and go by bike.

Twitter for Android : Vaxxed EvilBunny Pottymouth 🥶linda stultz ✌🏻😎mike_sbLS BloomWTFChip Franklin🏛InsideTheBeltway.comKay ErbSounds About Right 🌯Not So FastByron the Cosmic Goat(((Stargazer)))Smurf HerderRachel J. Covid sets up base in the nose where cells are receptive to invasion & virus creation. Once established, it goes forth to attack the heart, brain, kidneys & lungs.

I do NOT want that damage or terrible death. I'm vaccinated AF! Unvaccinated people are IDIOTS!

Twitter Web App : We're recruiting new LGBT+ and ally role models to enter schools and share their inspiring stories in classroom across London, the North East and the North West!

Register for a training session here:…

Sprout Social : The British wholesale gas price soared by 16% to close at a record high yesterday.

Wholesale prices have risen sixfold in the past year and have doubled in the past two months.

Boris Johnson, 2016: 'Fuel bills will be lower for everyone.'

Twitter Web App : !!! news. mother of all lawsuits quietly filed last month vs Facebook in Delaware. I'll explain why it avoided notice until now in a bit but Zuckerberg, Sandberg, CFO, board inc Peter Thiel and Palantir are defendants - it's a result of sealed docs between FB execs and board. /1

Twitter for iPhone : Prime Minister whose government has cut back on climate change promises to secure a trade deal with Australia now is “increasingly frustrated” that other countries are not@living up to their commitments. There must be a word for this …

Twitter for iPhone : Some serious dinosaur vibes coming from BT on the pipes / value / regulatory argument here at the panel

No, Amazon & Netflix etc didn’t take money out of “your” industry revenues

Bizarre fallacy. Quite concerning

Schuler also wants to revisit NN rules