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Twitter for iPhone : The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of ‘morning sickness’ says it is “a sign of pregnancy, occurring at any time of day”. Talk about broken language. To paraphrase George Orwell: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Morning is any time of day.”…

Twitter for iPhone : New report highlights huge equality gap in top jobs & pay between women documentary-makers & their male colleagues.…

Twitter for iPhone : I agree. We’re told to find “good case studies” which really means broken hearted/traumatised people. But we’re rarely given time to unpick what caused this misery. Who failed, why and how. So we make films which say “look at this” instead of films which hold power to account.

Twitter Web App : I spent some time this week thinking about Ash Sarker's criticism of the mum who was concerned about her daughter and her friends experimenting with pronouns and asking people to call them by a new name. I wanted to add something but haven't had a chance until now.

Twitter for Android : After a big push by many of our supporters to do so,here it is (blurb to be edited asap to provide necessary background & detail).
Not comfortable to go down this route or say this but please donate if able, to continue our free work & Stop & Prevent C.E🙏…

Twitter for Android : PeteGracie Díaz Yes. In SCRs & by media.Few journalists know relevant legislation to challenge auths & hold them to account so it's an easy wriggle out when a story hits the news.Why no interview w. police re CCE flags in this case? Bc he was an offender & nobody cares.…