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Twitter for Android : talkRADIOMike Graham 🇬🇧Esther KMahyar Tousi You're all hoping your listeners don't know that Boris Johnson actually told MPs they wouldn't be safe unless they supported Brexit.

Great strategy! Don't mention the video so it looks like I'm just making up outrageous accusations. 👍🏿

Twitter Media Studio : Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the greatest TV show of all time. This episode review by Passion of the Nerd helps show that.

It explores male attitudes to women and how men who fail to oppose the 'monstrous' behaviour of other men, can't claim to be 'good guys'.

Twitter Media Studio : The UK’s COVID numbers are rising. The government is sticking to its Plan A. The BMA says it’s being ‘wilfully negligent’. We’ve looked at the causes of the rise and what should happen next. Produced by Mary Fuller, Priyanka Deladia and Adelle Kalakouti. bbc.co.uk/news/uk-589997…

Twitter for Android : It's like a white person saying 'He can't be racist (against black people); he's always nice to me.'
Credit: Jemimah

Twitter for iPhone : Fair play to the BBC for publishing this…

But just read it

Digest it

And remember this Govt has done this to us…

“Some firms such as JD Sports have opened distribution centres in the EU.

“This is because Brexit makes it commercially unviable to supply EU countries from GB”

Twitter Web App : Government that has just been found responsible for the 'worst public health failure in UK history' which led to 150,000 deaths...

...uses the death of the one of their own to tell people be more 'agreeable, polite, and amiable' when talking about them online.

Twitter for Android : Neil If someone came to your place of work and said 'The best way to ensure that you are properly safe is to vote for x' would you report that to the police?

Why is it different for the Prime Minister to say that to the MPs he wants to vote for his Brexit deal at their place of work?

Twitter for Android : Pearl Noir P.S
Has anyone seen a single news channel play the clip of Boris Johnson threatening MPs' lives since last week? I haven't.🤷🏿‍♂️

As with pretty much everything I do, if the mainstream news covered these issues properly, I could just go get that 'real job' my trolls keep suggesting.