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Twitter Web App : Today in negative ads: An R attacking another R bc she was student body president when her college government passed a resolution in favor of access to morning-after pills.…

Twitter for iPhone : 🚨 🚨 Exclusive: Law enforcement agencies are investigating social-media threats to burn down or storm the Supreme Court building and murder justices and their clerks, as well as attacks targeting places of worship and abortion clinics.…

Twitter for iPhone : NEW: Blue Star Strategies has registered retroactively as a foreign agent for work it did for an exec at Ukrainian energy co. Burisma Holdings. Betsy Woodruff Swan and I reported last summer that DOJ was looking at potential illegal foreign lobbying by the firm.…

Twitter Web App : A last-minute attack ad in goes after Kathy Barnette for 'supporting a law that released criminals from prison.'

What law? The First Step Act, which Donald Trump signed, and which was supposed to be one of his assets in the 2020 campaign.…

Twitter Web App : Scoop: Trump is strongly leaning towards endorsing Doug Mastriano for Pa governor. Mastriano was at the Capitol on Jan 6 (though says he left before the riot) and has proposed defying Pennsylvania’s popular vote outcome.…

Twitter Web App : It's frankly much more complicated than the way it's being portrayed by a lot of people with political agendas. In many parts of the country, there aren't shortages. The biggest emergency is for kids and adults who rely on specialty formulas:…

Twitter for iPhone : The baby formula shortage reveals an amazing secret oligopoly:
- 3 American companies control over 90% of the mkt
- hugely restrictive regulations (thanks to big $ lobbying) prohibit foreign formulas

Name another industry/sector/product like this

Twitter Web App : Formula is one of the single most important inventions humans have produced. Babies were not “fine before formula”. They literally just died. It’s not a luxury. It’s terrifying that there’s a shortage.

Twitter Web App : Every tweet about the formula shortage has one asshole dude: “just breastfeed?” I remember the first time my baby drank formula at 3 days old. My milk hadn’t come in. He was starving. He gulped 4oz and finally stopped screaming after 2 days and slept. I sobbed with happiness.