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Hip Hop Artist. Host and curator of Urban Music events in Columbia, S.C. and surrounding areas.


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I had a really great wknd. I was doing all the things I love. Now I’m at work. This is morbid I know but a nigga really feeling a way sitting at this desk.

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Accountability is more than just admitting to things, it recognizing things…understanding things….and fixing those things.

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These girls ain’t singing on pop records like Whitney Elizabeth Houston. That lady suuuuuung tf down on I’m Your Baby Tonight.

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i see shrooms are very popular with everyone now and i feel like its important to say this. if you are predisposed to any to mental illness or psychosis, you do NOT need to try that shit. there’s a good probability of a psychotic break & some people never recover. pls be careful.

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Black excellence is dope but Black regular-ness is good too. We aint gotta be magical and magnificent all day everyday lol

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I’m convinced that some of what we’re labeling “mental health issues” are actually emotional imaturity issues.