Twitter Web App : NTV On the Spot: Hon Alex Rugunda; There are some efforts by civil society to help push the road safety agenda the likes of Safe Way Right Way training HGV drivers at subsidised costs and free for women. Need more funding for Road Safety initiatives by Parliament for awareness.

Twitter Web App : NTV On The Spot: Traffic Supritendant Mr. Nsereko says it all comes down to discipline of the road users including big people in government. Exemplary ministers like Gen. Katumba Wamala and his Deputy were sited as good examples that dont abuse sirens and wait in Traffic.

Twitter Web App : NTV On The Spot; Government officials abusing sirens designated for few positions like the President, their Vice, Chief Justice and Deputy, Speaker and Deputy speaker, Ambulances to mention a few. Ministers and state ministers have no right of way.

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SocialNewsDesk : If you look at developed countries, they have a large number of cars but they have few road accidents. Why should nations like Uganda which has few cars have more deaths than these developed nations? - MP Alex Ruhunda.

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Join us tonight for a discussion on 'Road Safety'. We will be joined by Winstone Katushabe Commissioner -Transport Ministry, Nsereko Rogers Kavuma - KMP Traffic Police Commander, and Alex Ruhunda - Chair Parliamentary Group on Road Safety.

Twitter Web App : NTV On the Spot: Hon Alex Ruhunda: There is need to expand the infrastructure to help manage and direct traffic on the road. To plan for pedestrians, cars, bicycles and boda bodas. The largest number of deaths are actually pedestrians πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ

SocialNewsDesk : The 'gamba n'ogu' will always be there but it depends on what the other person has done. If I listen and the offence is a bit complicated, I will not help though there are situations where I can assist. - Nsereko Rogers Kavuma - KMP Traffic Police Commander .

SocialNewsDesk : Maybe what we say falls on deaf ears because what we see in the field is different. As police, we do try our best. I don't know what else we should deploy. - Nsereko Rogers Kavuma - KMP Traffic Police Commander

SocialNewsDesk : I think those people who are terribly corrupt are mentally ill because they have no understanding of the common good. They don't know the damage they are causing. That greed is too much and it gets to their heads - MP Alex Ruhunda.

SocialNewsDesk : I have been talking to some Ugandans who are really educated and they say that they prefer to travel in a bus that moves faster because they have business to do, so to them, a driver who moves slowly is not a good driver. - MP Alex Ruhunda .