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Twitter for Android : 'Only mothers can think of the future because they give birth to it in their children.'-Maxim.G

We send hugs to our mothers of the nation esp,single mothers who are economically disempowered & struggling to provide for their kids &themselves.
We promise you economic empowerment

Twitter for Android : We are loved by the young and old, because of our liberation message that penetrated people's hearts.

We don't rent support as the NRM regime does! We pursue the agenda that is in the interest of Ugandans, especially the ordinary people. ✌

Twitter for Android : When a media house proves to be a propaganda cadre of the state!

Blackmailing us, when our leaders are at gunpoint &our party HQ is enclosed by Gen.M7's arsenal won't label the dictator a democrat.

We dislike ignorance &propaganda, we prefer to reshape politics away from hate.

Twitter Web App : The continuous attack on FDC by this Media House must not be celebrated by anybody fighting for democracy in Uganda. Dictatorships always try to discredit, embarrass and humiliate opponents. The objective is to discourage & create hopelessness within the population.

Twitter for Android : The demands university students are manifesting aren't different from those we seek for our country.

This unity in diversity is an eye-opener for Ugandans to rise and fight for their power.NRM is a parasite!

The regime is idle when it matters most, fast when it doesn't matter.

Twitter for Android : 'Do not put us on the Path of Failure due to your Weakness to appreciate our Strategy' Hon. Proscovia Salaamu-Musumba tells NBS Television media operatives who are using YELLOW tape measures in their investigative reporting.

Twitter for Android : Our activists have a mission and objective to change a country and its people. They will always defend our values and protest distortions from political Journalists that use yellow tape measures during their investigative reporting.

Twitter for iPhone : Uganda’s horrific road carnage!

Another of the many chronic and worsening hazards that Ugandans face daily, while the priorities of the ruling NRM/M7 Junta remain terribly skewed!

Our deep sympathy & prayers go to the families of all the dead and injured. Soo sad.