Rejoin and Reform. #GBU #FBPE (@sonofr )

Rejoin and Reform. #GBU #FBPE

Bio Three steps: 1. Rejoin the Single Market & Customs Union. 2. Reform! 3. Rejoin the European Union. Help us make it happen. Join us.
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Twitter Web App : Javid says ‘too early to know’ the lessons that can be learned from Covid crisis.
If we'd paid attention and learnt lessons we wouldn't have 40,000 daily cases now - or suffered 160,000 deaths - half of which were 'unnecessary'!!

Twitter Web App : Sajid Javid, who worked for Deutsche Bank when they ran a UK tax evasion scheme (see clip), announces £250m boost for GPs when it is no new money but the usual winter support. GPs Jess Harvey and Rachel W on R4Today take him apart on his claim that GPs are 'underperforming'. (1)

Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : “I see complete denial of Brexit as a critical part of what’s happening here.”

James Withers says UK ministers are refusing to accept the role of Brexit in the labour crisis causing problems at petrol pumps and shortages on shelves.

Twitter Web App : Have I got this right? Sajid Javid wants GPs to provide more F2F appts, better telephone services, appointments on the day of patient's choice, even though..

.. we currently have 1900 *fewer* GPs than in 2015?

Who does he think staffs the NHS? Unicorns?


Twitter for iPhone : The Tory party? They are no more than the hired liars of the rich and powerful, the warlord capitalists who dictate and control our future, who engineered Brexit.

And we have an opposition Labour Party that doesn’t oppose and supports Brexit.

Think about that.

Keir Starmer