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A Geologist, currently working in Lagos as a maths/geography teacher. I am a mother and a wife. Growth doesn't scare me.


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Internet is free university.

Design: uxcel .com
No-code: makerpad .co
Language: duolingo .com
Code: freecodecamp .org
Academic: khanacademy .org
Cooking: bingingwithbabish .com
Marketing: marketingexamples .com

You just need a laptop and internet connection.

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Ómò Iyà Alámalá Gistlovers.blog1 Get sense...change your phone password...if she insists on getting the new guys should exchange phones and check al SM or respect each other’s the man in your relationship no dey do like mutue

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I paid 26k online for my International Passport and got it within 6 weeks.

I didn't have to pay anybody.

Here is a thread how to get your International Passport in 5 Steps 🧵🧵

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Did you know that, according to Islamic law, the husband comes in fourth place for child custody in the event of a divorce? However, my Arewa people are not prepared for this discussion.

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1 billion people use Google Drive every day...

But no one uses it effectively

Here are 7 strategies you shouldn't live without:

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Dear Emeka Nwajiuba,

You were former minister of state for education. After your 100Million Naira kalokalo in APC Primaries (which you pulled out of), biko nwanne m, harness your resources and network to invest in Early Childhood & Basic Education in your Local Government Area.

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May Nigeria not happen to us, is a serious prayer point.
Na so me and my pikin go sleep without food because bank sector is unfortunate. How can you debit someone without dispensing cash. Unto my last card oo.

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My name is Ab and this is my story.
Please note:
- I'm not a good writer so they'll surely be mistakes as you read
- I'm not writing this to guilt trip or shade any one, I promise you.
- It's going to be a long one.
- This is my story, no additives.
- This has been in my...