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Twitter for iPhone : The thing that really pisses me off about the cost of living is that it seems like people shouldn’t get to enjoy life if they’re not rich. Work more hours, eat the bare minimum, basic food. We shouldn’t be forcing people just to survive.

Twitter for iPad : Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. The ONLY reason Good Friday Agreement is imperiled is because of form of Brexit 🇬🇧 govt chose, OVER objections of maj of voters in NI. The ONLY reason Protocol exists is because seen as least bad option for protecting GFA, which maj of voters want to keep.

Twitter for iPhone : Johnson says he signed the NI protocol because he 'hoped & believed our (European) friends would not necessarily want to apply it.' So he told a lie to the British public. Again. And he tells allies 🇬🇧 word cannot be trusted.

Twitter for iPhone : Boris Johnson says we need to cancel the protocol because we couldn’t have anticipated all the shocks since it was negotiated. Perhaps by the same token we ought to cancel Brexit?

Twitter for iPhone : A trade war with your largest trading partner is not a good idea. A trade war with your largest trading partner when growth is already slowing and inflation is high is possibly the stupidest economic policy suggestion I’ve ever encountered.