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Twitter for iPhone : All avatars will be voxelated for the metaverse. You’ll also have a chance at getting a rarer Ghosts of Rock and even rarer Immortals of Rock avatar.
While you’re at it, pick up a Tools of Rock VIP pass which will grant you access to all things in the future. Still EARLY!

Twitter Web App : Gods of Rock avatar project is in the VERY near future. VIP Pass holders will get first presale access, this will be the first of lifelong perks being a VIP holder.. If you missed the snapshot now is your time to enter the exclusive club as we will just keep adding on from here!

Twitter for Android : It is! VIP passes starting tomorrow, and Gods of Rock Coming

Twitter Web App : My expectation of the CoinGecko top10 9months from now.

Heavy with platforms driving adoption/getting built on.
1. $BTC 2. $ETH 3. $SOL 4. $USDT 5. $DOT 6. $NEAR 7. $ADA 8. $USDC 9. $LUNA 10. $ALGO

Twitter Web App : Second and final announcement of the night!!

We were not kidding when we said being a VIP will be legendary... take a sneak peek at the Pass that will provide life long utility as a Rockstar.

VIP Pass Mint will have a 7 day window & begin within the next 2 days! Exact time TBD.

Twitter Web App : WE LOVE YOU ROCKSTARS!! History is literally being created as we speak and we're ecstatic you all choose to rock out with us. This all has been possible because of you all and the extraordinary power that music has to bring us together! This tour has only just begun!

Twitter Web App : [NEW POST] I made a mistake. NFTs are going to be much bigger than I anticipated.

This not simply going to be about replacing physical art with digital art. The market expanding technology is going to eat into every industry.…