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Argentina 1985 filmini Akpye oy veren her insan!! seyretmeli. Hukuk, adalet dersi... Ve bir ülkenin namusunun ancak adaletle temizlenebileceğini...
Şerefli ve namuslu savcıların gerekliliğine....

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Novak Djokovic chanting the famous Argentina song from the World Cup. One of the best contents you will watch today 🤣

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Del moro sos el peor conductor de la historia, mejor anda a conducir la voz argentina si querés familia y abrazos

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Messi talking about Argentina nt chef: 🇦🇷👩‍🍳
'The truth is that I have a very nice relationship with her, and with the people who always accompany us in this kind of competition, I've lived moments with her since I was eighteen.'
He’s the best 🥹❤️❤️❤️