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Jo 🌻(@JoJoFromJerz) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Someone said that ‘Republicans can’t even transfer power to themselves peacefully’ and now I can’t stop laughing. 😂😂

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The reason you never see the cops arresting the Oath Keepers is the same reason you never see Miley Cyrus hanging out with Hannah Montana.

each one teach one(@jcstandaert) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Lotsnof very good, logical explanations in the comments. The question is Lavern Spicer 🇺🇸 will you read them and understand the facts presented.

MJP(@MikeJoPro) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Would someone please send me a copy of the GOP's plan to lower gas prices, get Baby Formula back on store shelves. ease the cost of food, goods and services and to help put an end to gun violence. I can't seem to find it.

Sgt Joker(@TheSGTJoker) 's Twitter Profile Photo

While 9yo children around the globe are learning to be proficient in a second or third language, American children are learning that if you smear your dead classmate's blood on your face, you can trick a mass shooter into believing you are already dead.

I Smoked White History Month(@BlackKnight10k) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Last week it was arm the teachers. This week it's arm the doctors. But when that white supremacist shot up the black grocery store, guess what they didn't say:

Arm the black people.

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A Minnesota woman was arrested Monday night after her attempt to flee from police ended when she drove into fresh concrete. kstp.com/kstp-news/loca…