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McDonalds just called out order 867.
I yelled 5309.

No-one understood.
No-one laughed.
People looked at me weird.
I felt stupid, and old.

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If there is one video… one video you need to watch in its entirety and hear true facts of what’s happening in America. Joy Reid hits it out the park! Please Retweet and Follow me for more updates and important info to help protect our Democracy!

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pro tip: if they can arrest Jack Teixeira for stealing classified documents, they can arrest Donald Trump for stealing classified documents. this isn't fucking rocket science here

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Someone said that ‘Republicans can’t even transfer power to themselves peacefully’ and now I can’t stop laughing. 😂😂

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The reason you never see the cops arresting the Oath Keepers is the same reason you never see Miley Cyrus hanging out with Hannah Montana.