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This should be shocking but sadly it will not surprise most people . The Conservative party are a disgrace and need to go and watching this the fact that Kwasi Kwarteng once ran the economy is frightening - no wonder he crashed it!! Well done Led By Donkeys

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It’s not just about morals. Having Ministers who are rabid with greed and thick as shit seems like a bit of a security risk.

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The gov want to work with the UN to let another 20,000 ‘refugees’ a year into the UK.
The UN is dominated by China and muslim countries.
Why are the gov trying to destroy this country? 🫤🫤

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‘Bored' asylum seekers say living in £6.8m taxpayer funded hotels is like ‘living in jail'
Iraqi migrant complains ‘we want a house so we can be independent’. You really couldn’t make this up. Do not tell me they are desperate people ⁦Conservatives⁩ express.co.uk/news/uk/175085…

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Johnson accidentally names two officials whose identities the committee had promised to protect. Clerks shake their heads and he apologises.

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More damming evidence that Rishi Sunak & Tories just make things up on asylum to hide their chaotic failures

PM claimed Tories halved asylum backlog since 2010

Letter from UK Statistics Authority to Stephen Kinnock shows it increased eightfold!

From 18,954 to 166,261


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BREAKING: Attorney General Suella Braverman has been seen entering Downing Street - she is responsible for delivering legal advice to the government.

It comes as Boris Johnson faces a furious backlash over an alleged Christmas party last year: trib.al/c2zSFse

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I work in care, you disingenuous sh!t. We didn't have any parties or leaving do's. You don't mention the people who actually *got* fined. But of course this is about 'different rules' really isn't it?⬇️

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John Crace Omfg! I thought I'd seen it all, but wasn't expecting that. The man who bankrupted Britain oozing pomposity whilst asking for £10k a day. Should all be in jail

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sarah murphy And they aren’t mocking us - we see right through them. They are mocking those who support them- assuming they are either too slow to see their bullshit or too dependent on their Tory identity to anything about it.