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Twitter for iPhone : Small to medium effects of methylphenidate for apathy in AD. Good to see a positive symptomatic treatment trial but I wonder just how important the improvements are to patients and their families.

Twitter for Android : 'the position of governments of all stripes has been that it is for the sector itself to put its house in order'

Providers of can do this by putting up their charges and paying workers more.…

Twitter Web App : McDonald is far from a household name, shadowing a government department that doesn't exist. But his exit shows that Starmer's efforts to make a break with the Corbyn era have some way to run. As the old dictum goes: divided parties lose elections.

Twitter Web App : At a time when thousands of fuel stations are running empty, it's unbelievable Labour is doing next to nothing to hold the government to account. The party is arguing with itself and talking about matters far away from public concerns. It really is far away from power.

Twitter for iPhone : This reminds (triggers!) me of when John Healey resigned (this week 10 years ago). For family reasons, but it also came after his conference policy announcement was vetoed.

Twitter Web App : I received verbal abuse on public transport last night for wearing a mask - something I choose to do: (1) to protect others, (2) to try & help public spaces feel less threatening to anyone clinically vulnerable. People are dying of Covid in my hospital. *How* have we got here?

Twitter for iPhone : WATCH: Andy McDonald speaks to Sam Coates Sky after resigning from Shadow Cabinet.

(Sorry for poor sound)

Twitter Web App : Dear readers, in response to the Sept 25, 2021 cover of The Lancet, here is a statement from Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief: