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Bio Journalist, broadcaster & feminist campaigner against male violence. Latest book is Feminism for Women: https://t.co/ofCFAd9O5l…
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Twitter Web App : I never expected the right side of history to include so many people in masks intimidating and assaulting
women, did you?
But she never dropped her flag. Emmelline would be proud.

Twitter for iPad : Q: “Dad, what side of history were you on?”
A: “The side that put on balaclavas and attacked women of my mother’s age in front of a statue of the leader of the suffragettes and taught them a lesson in what feminism was all about. Women need to be put in their place, son.”

Twitter Web App : Jeezus. Please let me be wrong on this, but a woman is going to be SERIOUSLY harmed by this lot before the people that need to take notice of what's going on: twitter.com/sleeepysandy/s…

Twitter Web App : 'There is no conflict between women's rights and our ideology. To prove it, we've dressed up as ninjas to block public access to a statue of a suffragette. We're confident this has done wonders for our cause and definitely isn't an unintentionally hilarious own goal.'

Twitter for Android : relate to men, and how I am so afraid of trusting one after knowing how predators can disguise themselves so easily. I just turned on the TV for some background noise and the ultimate glamourisation for the sex trade is on, literally at the beginning credits: 'Pretty Woman'. ☠

Twitter for Android : I'm just back in my hotel room after the final, glorious 'Any Girl' event in London where I read from the book about language & the concept of concent within the sex trade. It was emotional for me to discuss how 'consenting' to my own rape impacted on me, especially on how I...