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Zachary Foster(@_ZachFoster) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Nothing screams Israeli “democracy” like a new private militia run by a proud fascist who worships mass murderers (Baruch Goldstein), has plagerized Nazi proposals (ethnically segregated beaches) and who has been indicted 53 times for inciting racism and violence

Tariq Kenney-Shawa(@tksshawa) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Yes, please explain to Palestinians how they should feel about their occupiers moving heaven & earth to protect the status quo, but refusing to make a peep in protest of occupation and apartheid. Sorry we’re not taking to the streets in solidarity to call for a return to Bennett.

Abier(@abierkhatib) 's Twitter Profile Photo

OY, a convicted terrorists & a fascist given a private militia.

Wanna bet the members will be from La familia & Lehava? 2 Israeli groups classed as terrorists….

Cheers to * PEACE “

Peter Beinart(@PeterBeinart) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Yes, it's beautiful to see Israelis fighting a fascist government. But we can't forget that if this was a Palestinian protest in Tel Aviv against Israeli fascism, the protesters would likely end up jailed, maimed or dead

Zohar Ianovici 🟣(@Zohariano) 's Twitter Profile Photo

An IDF general and deputy of the Mossad just just said on live television, loud and clear:

“In Judea and Samaria ( occupied West Bank) there is no democracy, there’s apartheid”

I’d love to hear יוסף חדאד - Yoseph Haddad gaslight this one 😻

Abier(@abierkhatib) 's Twitter Profile Photo

Imagine if the Israelis take to the streets over settlers burning houses while Palestinians are in it.

“If it wasn’t for the 2nd door, the whole family would have been burnt”

Protest this..

Josh Kadish(@kadish_josh) 's Twitter Profile Photo

I’m very cognizant of the fact that this kind of protesting is only possible because it’s a primarily Jewish protest against changing the status quo of apartheid (with the facade of a liberal democracy), while Palestinian protests more peaceful than this are met with violence >>

Yael Berda بردا ברדה(@YaelBerda) 's Twitter Profile Photo

sos - Bezalel Smotrich, is now the minister of the defense. protests erupt all over the country, Tlv, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva. Meanwhile settlers burning Palestinian fields in Hawara.
We are not like Hungary or Poland, Israel's government rules over millions without rights.