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Twitter for iPhone : This is rules change Ds are proposing, per aide. “Each Member would be allowed to speak twice for as long as they wish only on final passage of the legislation. After each Member has exhausted their right to speak, the Senate would move to a simple majority vote on final passage”

TweetDeck : The Supreme Court has cleared the way for House January 6 investigators to obtain Trump White House documents that the former President had sought to keep secret…

Twitter Web App : I asked Romney about whether he has talked to Manchin about what it's like to vote on the other side of your leadership. He said they had, but declined to get into details. He did tell me this about his tough votes.

Twitter for iPhone : Sen. Manchin finished his speech. Many of his Democratic colleagues were in the chamber for it including the Majority Leader who was turned looking at Manchin for most of it.

Twitter Web App : 'As a guy who has voted in the deep south all my life... to have a conversation and a narrative that is blatantly false is offensive not just to me or southern Americans but offensive to millions of Americans who fought, bled and died for the right to vote,' Sen. Tim Scott said

Twitter Web App : GOP Sen. Tim Scott says he feels 'frustration and irritation rising in my soul' when opposition to eliminating filibuster is compared to Jim Crow

Twitter Web App : Worth tuning in and watching the Senate floor today. While we know the positions of most members, it's still incredibly interesting to watch the Senate debate their rules.

Twitter for iPhone : Sinema won’t comment when I asked her if anything anyone could say today on the filibuster could change her mind.

She was clear last Thursday in her floor speech that she doesn’t back a rules change on the filibuster with Democratic-only votes.

Twitter for iPhone : In a rare move, most Senate Democrats are at their desks in the chamber as the debate over voting rights unfolds. I spotted both Sinema and Manchin as well who are opposed to rules change Schumer will push tonight.

On GOP side, McConnell, Blunt, Portman and Tillis spotted.

Twitter Web App : Sen. Mark Kelly in official statement says he will back a rules change to pass voting rights. This comes as his fellow Democratic Senator from the state Kyrsten Sinema has remained a 'no'.