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Twitter for iPhone : NEW: Videos show 'Stop the Steal' rally organizer Ali Alexander saying he would work with extremist groups on the January 6 rally and saying he’d prefer the White House burn down than have Biden enter it.…

Twitter for iPhone : NEW: A lawyer for Sidney Powell said she “is cooperating” with the federal criminal investigation into her organization, Defending the Republic, and that includes 'rolling productions' of documents in response to a grand jury subpoena from last year

Twitter for iPhone : DOJ notes: “Neither the disposition of this motion nor the disposition of this case requires the Court to opine on the appropriateness of the former President’s conduct. In similar fashion, this memorandum should not be construed as a defense of that conduct.”

Twitter for iPhone : DOJ seeking to block, for now, a subpoena to depose former Trump in suit brought by former FBI agent Peter Strzok. 
DOJ argues in a filling that Strzok has not shown that Trump “possesses directly relevant information that cannot be obtained from other sources,” per Evan Pérez

Twitter Web App : 'We have negotiated for five months. It has failed miserably,' Sen. Bernie Sanders said. 'We lost the enormously important vote (on voting) and Build Back Better ... has also been sabotaged. I think it is time to move in a very different direction.'…

Twitter for iPhone : Igor Fruman was sentenced to one year and one day for soliciting Russian money into US elections. The judge said it was not the “Manchurian candidate”but it was still a “serious crime.” Fruman was ordered to pay $10,000 fine and to surrender March 14.

Twitter Web App : Speaking in Kentucky, McConnell touts infrastructure law. 'It's a big deal for us,' he said.

House GOP and Trump tried to derail bill. Says 'regretfully' he was the only R in delegation who backed it.

'It became in my view needlessly politicized over in the House.'


Jan. 13-18
Support SCOTUS Overturning Roe vs. Wade?

Yes 30%
No 69%

Jan. 13-18
Prefer SCOTUS Not Overturn Roe vs. Wade

Democrats 86%
Independents 72%
Republicans 44%…

TweetDeck : From Barbara Starr: DoD is working on a series of military options for Biden’s approval that could be activated to beef up US military presence in eastern Europe as a deterrence if Russian invades Ukraine, according to two defense officials