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Excuse me... while i kiss his behind. (* mind! 🧠)


Twitter for iPhone : It's amazing how many people happily demand mandatory vaccines (+ fines for the unjabbed) yet seem remarkably unwilling to take care of their OWN health.

The Covid jab protects YOU from serious illness.


You want to protect the NHS? Put down the doughnut.

Twitter for Android : is Turkey... Because I'm stuffed

Twitter for Android : is Twerker, that's me with Dancer & Prancer

Twitter for iPhone : he7ix ❌Bill & Ted 3 Yes. The first Matrix film is great, the sequels are progressively weaker (but not to the point of being dreadful) imo.
All of the John Wick movies are “Excellent!”, & thoroughly worth watching.

Twitter for iPhone : This... no one has the right to tell another human being that they have to take a risk of death from a medication they may not want. This goes against every principle of informed consent that a doctor is trained to uphold.