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Twitter for iPhone : So: a potential trade war with the EU to assuage Northern Ireland’s unionists - while the majority in Northern Ireland want the Protocol. Was this what the Leave campaign promised? Brussels urged to prepare contingency plan for UK trade war via Financial Times

Twitter for iPhone : This is dramatic and too little commented on. Britain is becoming the epicentre of Covid in Europe. Our media and political class want to deride the EU - but Britain’s experience, and lack of uproar over it, is both shaming and frightening.

Twitter for iPhone : The UK’s worst public health failure over Covid is not just historic - it is now. France with a Covid passport requirement + mandatory masks since Sept 1st had 34 deaths per million v our 113, 1349 hospital admissions v our 5155. 4 million more vaccinated. Libertarianism kills.

Twitter for iPhone : Professor David Card, one of the winners today of the Nobel Prize for Economics, showed how mass immigration had negligible impact on real wages - just as Bank of England studies showed the same results. Its productivity that lifts wages. The Johnson conference speech was wrong.

Twitter for iPhone : Pawnshop Britain. Last week Morrisons. This week Newcastle United. Absent pride or morality, anything is for sale to any bidder if the price is right. A profound malaise. Newcastle sale to Saudi Arabia is the latest sign of a national malaise via Financial Times

Twitter for iPhone : Brexit is hitting our economy hard beyond shortages.Intel is a hi-tech company we need to invest in the UK - but not now. The UK stock market is also faring poorly - the Brexit effect. Intel not considering UK chip factory after Brexit - BBC News bbc.com/news/business-…

Twitter for iPhone : Tory chief whip Mark Spencer predicts that Boris Johnson could be in office for 20 years. Decline and fall are always when politicians believe in their own immortality and capacity to defy weaknesses that beset others.Spencer’s triumphalism betokens Johnson’s and the Tories’ fall

Twitter for iPhone : I’ve not tweeted about Brexit for 2 years, but this is so disingenuous it needs calling out. Football fans and lovers of the game in this country saw off the European Super League, not politicians nor Brexit.

Twitter for iPhone : It is extraordinary that this report on no fuel supply issues in Northern Ireland never mentions that it is umbilically linked to the Republic - both in the EU single market! Fuel supply: No issues in Northern Ireland, industry body says - BBC News bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northe…