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Since 2010:

πŸ“‰Nurses’ real pay is down by Β£4,300

πŸ“‰Paramedics’ real pay is down by Β£5,600

πŸ“‰Teachers' real pay is down by 20%

πŸ“ˆ MPs' pay up by 28%

It's not a question of affordability, it's a question of priorities.

Edwin Hayward πŸ¦„ πŸ—‘(@edwinhayward) 's Twitter Profile Photo

If you could only have ONE, which membership would you choose to restore, assuming the EU were agreeable?

(Please feel free to comment on why you chose the one you did after completing the poll. Thanks.)

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I’d love to see some analysis on how the tax take decreases under the Tories. It’s been proven tax inspectors pay for themselves several fold, yet the Tories always cut them. They do this on purpose so they can tell us we can’t afford anything

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Yep, austerity caused by brexit, and the lies around it. The Conservatives are responsible for that fully.

But The Labour Party where are you & Keir Starmer on this? Why are you acting like the Tories in not backing ? Why are you not listening to the Labour Membership?

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James Murray - 'Tory MPs are beginning to realise their time is up... as honourable members from Bishop Auckland to South West Devon are declaring... I'm a Tory... Get Me Out of Here.. '

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Yvette Cooper - 'Why is the Home Secretary not here? This is supposed to be her top priority... you have to ask what is she for.. '