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Bio i draw but i also tweet a lot so, there's that. personal: @_rkgks
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Twitter Web App : i began having issues with my internet 😭 but i had to end son anyways, i'm happy it went well overall so i'll probably be streaming again later! thank you for joining those who did~

Twitter Web App : couldn't help but think that marcy is always conscious while being there just can't really do anything about it, she can't move, she can't escape, she's trapped going through all the events in her head over and over again

Twitter Web App : i have to warn you that i might be sharing nsfw drawings too, not like sexual stuff per se but maybe body horror and definitely a lot of negative emotions so don't follow if you're sensitive to those things, please

Twitter Web App : ✍🏻 i've been spamming a lot in here and while i don't really care that people know about my stuff since i'm quite anonymous i feel it's just out of place sometimes, some topics are heavy and a lot of minors follow me, i just didn't have anywhere else to do so, so~ yea