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Twitter for iPhone : Today in 1857 British led troops stormed the Kashmiri Gate in Delhi during the Indian Rebellion (Mutiny). Vicious fighting followed but the Brits captured the city and the Mughal Emperor. They murdered his sons and slaughtered hundreds of rebels. He was tried and exiled to Burma.

TweetDeck : The Elizabethans were massively influenced by the Islamic world. Hear the tales of Tudor travellers to Aleppo, Constantinople and Marrakesh with Prof Jerry Brotton on podfollow.com/not-just-the-T…

Twitter for iPhone : So

Requiring evidence of vaccination for a deadly pandemic disease that has killed lots of people ➡️ Tyranny

Requiring proof of ID to vote in order to combat voter fraud, 595 cases of which were alleged in 2019, leading to four convictions ➡️ Totally fine

MeetEdgar : By mid-September 1914, Allied and German forces were digging the first trenches on the Western Front. The trenches built in WW1, laid end-to-end, would eventually stretch 35,000 miles. Watch 'The Western Front' today. Signup and get 30 days free 👉 access.historyhit.com/checkout

Twitter for iPhone : Remember when China was building entire residential suburbs with no immediate demand and we were told it was a long term strategic play that Western minds with tiny event horizons couldn't possibly understand.....

Buffer : Today in 1814 a British assault failed to capture Baltimore. After the battle an American poet wrote, 'O say can you see, by the dawn's early light'

Buffer : Today in 1916 John Duesbury took part in an attack during the Battle of the Somme. He was severely injured and trapped in a shell hole, where he wrote this letter that was later found on his corpse.

Buffer : 80 years ago today Stalin suggested the Brits send '25-30 divisions' to the USSR to join the fight against Hitler in a 'similar situation... To the last war in Feance.' Churchill said well, huh, we, I, um, let's...... NO.

(Document from my recent trip to the The National Archives)

Twitter Media Studio : On the 25 July 1943, Flight Lieutenant Steve Stevens flew in one of the deadliest British bombing raids of the Second World War.

The moment he returned, he made a unique audio recording of himself reliving the events of that night. Dan Snow interviewed him 75 years on.

Buffer : Tonight in 1651 the Penderel brothers escorted young Charles II from safe house to safe house after his defeat at the Battle of Worcester. Their descendents still receive £100 per year as a reward.

Buffer : Jewish physicist & refugee from the Nazis Leo Szilard was walking past the British Museum today in 1933. He watched a traffic light turn from red to green. At that second became the first human to conceive of unlocking the power of the atom by creating a nuclear chain reaction.