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Retired 78 year old great grandmother here to support Trump! No lists or porn please. Parler - purplebear


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Republicans are Shocking the Nation they’re “FIGHTING BACK”, I Like this New Attitude what say you??🤔👍💯✔️🇺🇸

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Breaking …

Chevy will be offering a new Classified Corvette Biden Addition in 2024 which will have an extra large trunk for all your illegal top secret document needs.

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I was banned from Twitter ever since the 2020 elections.

I don’t think Twitter liked that I ran against Nancy Pelosi in their beloved San Francisco.

Thanks to @ElonMusk I’m back but so many people who used to follow me can’t find my account.

Can you RT this so they can see it?

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Katie Hobbs colluded with the government to kick me off of Twitter. Elon brought be back. Check in if you can see this tweet. Retweet to make Katie Hobbs mad.

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The only reason these so-called journalists would want to dox Elon Musk real time location - is because they want him and his family harassed or harmed.

This is nothing new - this is how the Left operates.

They always lash out with violence when they don't get their way.

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BREAKING: Twitter has restored the accounts of Peter A. McCullough and Robert W. Malone, two esteemed physicians who questioned the fraudulent mainstream media narrative and exposed the truth.

Welcome back!
Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™
Robert W Malone, MD

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Republicans — let’s win this! Please join me in my campaign for new leadership of the RNC. I’m the only member of the RNC stepping up to the challenge. We’ll be rolling out ways that you can help in coming days. All sincere suggestions welcome.