Twitter for iPhone : I watched as people of the moral vacuity of Margaret Hodge, Ian Austin, Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair, worked to destroy the reputation of a man that had a track record of decades of standing up for the principles of equity and justice that The Labour Party was supposed to champion.

Twitter for iPhone : Dear Rachel Reeves,
Ex Labour member here. Calling me an antisemite has ensured that I shall not be voting Labour at any point in the future. It also confirms that Mr Corbyn was correct in saying antisemitism is being used for political reasons and a disgraceful accusation

Twitter Web App : bu arada, sarışın hanım britanya'yı seviyorum diyor ama, BBC'yi takip etmiyor herhalde.
isviçre'nin çocuk işçileri meselesi, birkaç yıl önce şu programın konusu olmuştu. ingilizceniz varsa, yazıyı okuyun derim.…

Twitter Web App : Inspired by recent news events, the Labour party attempt to lure Boris Johnson out of his seat Mr Ethical Lou

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Twitter Web App : So let's get this straight.

Keir Starmer has just welcomed an anti-BLM, climate-change denying, pro-tax dodging Tory MP onto the Labour benches.

But he still refuses to return the whip to a former Labour leader with a history of fighting inequality and injustice.

An utter sham