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Twitter for Android : Rachel Maclean: People can protect themselves better from the cost of living crisis 'by taking on more hours or moving to a better job'

: Some people are working 3 jobs, they're working every hour they can... but they're still having to go to food banks

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Twitter Web App : then and now

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Twitter for Android : జనసైనికుని కుటుంబానికి అండగా ప్రియ సౌజన్య..

నిడదవోలు నియోజకవర్గం ఉండ్రాజవరం మండలం వడ్లూరు గ్రామంలో 5 నెలల క్రితం మరణించిన జనసైనికుడు మేడపాటి దుర్గాప్రసాద్ కుటుంబానికి ఇచ్చిన మాట ప్రకారం 3 వ నెల కూడా నిత్యావసర సరుకులు అందచేసిన ప్రియ సౌజన్య

- Team Priya Sowjanya Akka Followers

Twitter for iPhone : There are people working all hours god sends yet still forced to food banks.

From ‘buy value beans’ to ‘poor people can’t cook’ and now this.

These Tories are completely out of touch with the realities facing working people, families and pensioners.


Twitter Web App : 'A government minister has suggested that people struggling with the cost of living should take on more hours or move to a better-paid job.'

If you don't have enough money just earn more money. Genius. And not at all out of touch.


Twitter Web App : Prediction: Blaming people who already work hard for the cost of living crisis won't be a vote winner.

'Get better paid job or work more to survive cost of living crisis, Minister says.' mirror.co.uk/news/politics/…

Twitter for iPhone : Look poors, if you’re tired of not eating when bills and food prices are rocketing, have you considered merely getting a job, getting promoted, cooking a big bag of plain pasta with no energy to heat it, and not being poor? Hmm??? Or do I, a Tory MP, have to think of everything?

Twitter for iPhone : BREAKING

We have a solution to the cost of living crisis

Tory Minister Rachel Maclean announces:

“People should work more hours or move to a better job to protect themselves from cost of living surge”


Twitter for Android : scholarships are not government-funded, they are funded by the tax paid by THE people. kaya nga 'iskolar ng bayan' hindi ng gobyerno. i hope we get to be critical w/ choosing our leaders & not idolize them. they SHOULD be doing their job. wala tayong utang na loob sakanila:))

Twitter for Android : Government job >>>>>

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