Twitter for Android : shopping channel just kicked in.

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GOV MINISTER - 'not ruling it out'
JEREMY VINE- 'we need to be safe..'
CRANK CALLER - 'I dont want to breath the same air as..'
YOUGOV BENT POLL - '67% of the public support...'
GOV MINISTER - 'other countries are doing it...'
PRESS CONF - 'regretably..'

Twitter Web App : Nana Akua was recently on the Jeremy Vine show saying that it's ok for people to drown in the Channel if it stops them from coming here. I wonder how she feels tonight?

Twitter for iPhone : How can I possibly by called an anti vaxxer when I’m elated that Piers Morgan, James Whale, Jeremy Vine and Esther Rantzen have had their jabs?
It’s wonderful news.

Twitter for iPhone : For those who are saying this can’t be the actual Carole Malone because of the swearing, it isn’t, it’s me doing the voice! 🤦‍♀️

Jeremy Vine clip over-dubbed & edited by the wonderful ⁦Dominic Roberts #HoldTheLine #NoThankYou⁩ ⁦Jeremy Vine On 5

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Twitter Web App : Either this is an accident or it's brilliant. Or it's a brilliant accident.

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Twitter Web App : Jeremy Vine Wonder how many people would so supportive of her if they were the one she hit, knocked over, or even something as simple as held them up at the lights and knew she was playing around on her phone.

Twitter for iPad : Did I sit on the remote or something?

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Twitter Web App : This term antivaxer is such a divisive term. I have had both jabs but will not have another. I have had every vaccine from birth, so has my son. I am not anti vaccine, I am anti vaccine that doesn't appear to work.