HubSpot : Meet Tetragon - -based Security Observability & Runtime Enforcement

Tetragon has been part of @Isovalent Enterprise for several years. Today, we are open sourcing major parts and open it up for collaboration with the entire community.

Twitter Web App : Me: *brags about being the only one in the world running Cilium and Falco eBPF on archlinux in production on her own 5.17.9 kernel because she 'likes finding bugs'

Also me: *complains about the kubelet breaking on twitter when she finds a bug because of aforementioned situation

Twitter for Advertisers : Boxabl is bringing factory-produced, foldable homes to the world! We've been featured in:
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Twitter Web App : We have launched Tetragon this week. If you want to learn more about it. I'll be hosting an introduction and Q&A session after KubeCon.