Twitter for iPhone : What sheโ€™s like ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ Most to you ๐Ÿ‘‡

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Twitter for iPad : One test and trace official told the FT [Mone] โ€œriled me no endโ€. Politico revealed that Mone had been the โ€œsource of referralโ€ between the government and PPE Medpro.
Mone previously told the FT that no such meeting with govt ministers had taken place.โ€ฆ

Twitter for iPhone : My thoughts are with the families of all of those who have tragically lost their lives in French waters today.

It serves as the starkest possible reminder of the dangers of these Channel crossings organised by ruthless criminal gangs.

Twitter for iPhone : This is another masterclass from Kay Burley in holding Government to account. She relentlessly keeps going as she exposes yet another lie told by the Prime Minister to get elected - โ€œno one will have to sell their home to pay for social careโ€

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Twitter Web App : Q. What do you call a Government where

1. The PM's father is called out for groping MPs
2. The PM doesn't know how many kids he has
3. MPs vote to put sewage in Rivers
4. Speakers are censored in Whitehall
5. Stanley Johnson is in News
6. Nadine Dorries is an MP

A. Conservative

Twitter Web App : On 15 November 2021 a false defamatory statement, for which I accept full responsibility, was published on my Twitter account about Jeremy Corbyn MP. My apology is attached. I have agreed to pay substantial damages and legal costs to Mr Corbyn. Please retweet.

Twitter for Android : I'm sorry but this is just incredible !๐Ÿ‘‡

'Since 2015 we have resettled 25 000 people, more than any other country in Europe ' says Javid, totally unchallenged on Sky News


False UK narratives on migration are simply breathtaking

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Twitter for iPhone : Diane Abbott totally owned Priti Patel & it caused Priti to Lie once again to the house

Diane asked her about the wave machines she planned to put in the channel

Priti said that never happened ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿคฏ

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Twitter for iPhone :โ€ฆ
Boris Johnson risks further anger over social care reforms as he steps back from manifesto commitment.

The PM committed in the 2019 Conservative Party manifesto that 'nobody needing care should be forced to sell home to pay for it'

Twitter for iPhone : Exclusive: Anne-Marie Trevelyan told parliament she had not been in discussion with a Tory donor behind a ยฃ1.2bn energy project. FOI shows the donor lobbied her twice just weeks earlier.

The latest twist in the Aquind saga by George Greenwood and meโ€ฆ