Twitter for iPhone : Scottish TORY MPs who voted to pollute English waterways just before
Douglas Ross
Andrew Bowie
Alister Jack
David Duguid
John Lamont

We need to get out of this

Twitter Web App : The misreporting of recent votes in Parliament on sewage & rivers would be comical if it weren't so dangerously inflammatory. [Thread]
When we voted on storm overflows, we did not make it easier for companies to dump sewage in rivers.
I am strongly opposed to sewage overflows…

Twitter Web App : Unbelievably, Anthony Wells, a Director of YouGov has attacked the Guardian for reporting on a Twitter Poll that showed only 8% of schools have received CO2 monitors.

That's the YouGov that Nadhim Zahawi Founded. You know, the Secretary of State for Education

Twitter for iPad : Owen Paterson using the tragic suicide of his wife to pretend the watchdog was hounding him and therefore could’ve led to this wife’s suicide.

Owen Paterson is corrupt to the core.


Twitter Media Studio : 'The manner in which this inquiry was conducted led to my wife's suicide'

Owen Paterson MP says a probe into his lobbying 'was a major element' in his wife's suicide

He faces a 30-day Commons ban after being found to have breached lobbying rules…

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TweetDeck : Owen Paterson was found to have:

- Taken nearly 3 times his MPs’ salary for “paid advocacy” for the companies.
- Broken official lobbying rules
- Attempted to smear the commissioner investigating him

For that he’s been suspended for just 30 days.…

Twitter for Android : 'I'd like to take this opportunity to weoponise my wife's tragic suicide in an attempt to save myself from the consequences of my undeniably & totally corrupt behaviour. It's what she would have wanted,not to have just died in vain, but also for my sins'

Twitter for iPhone : This here is the truth…

The reality of our shiny new UK/NZ trade deal

British farmers f*cked

While the Kiwis can’t quite believe their luck

Here’s 58 devastating seconds from a NZ news program

That you wouldn’t dare catch on one of ours

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