Hootsuite Inc. : Reality Check: 1. Rich countries bought up most vaccines, 2. They haven't kept their promise to distribute vaccines to poorer countries, 3. Your clothes are thus probably made in a crowded factory by someone without access to vaccines. theguardian.com/society/2021/o…

Twitter Web App : In the race against none of us cross the finish line until we all do. Join us to DEMAND that Ireland supports efforts to
1 Lift vaccine patents
2 Share the technology
4 Let ALL countries make their own vaccines
5 Equitably redistribute existing vaccines

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Twitter Media Studio : On the world stage.
The most important race.
Who are you backing?

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Twitter Media Studio : At the beginning of the pandemic, rich countries' leaders assured us we were all on the same team.
The reality turned out to be very different.

But the irony?
Until we *all* cross the finish line, the only winner is COVID-19.

G20 Italy - take decisive action to combat COVID-19.

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Twitter Media Studio : BREAKING:
AstraZeneca Pfizer Inc./BioNTech SE Moderna & Johnson & Johnson have collectively delivered 47 times as many doses to high-income countries compared to low-income countries.


It's not a fair race. And the way it's going, we're ALL set to lose.
We need a

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Twitter Media Studio : The @PeoplesVaccine campaign is calling on G20 leaders to lift patents, share vaccine technology and let developing countries make their own vaccines so that everyone around the world has a chance to access the Covid vaccine.

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Twitter Media Studio : Vaccine apartheid is the greatest obscenity of our time. Tell G20 Italy
leaders to:
✊🏾Lift vaccine patents
✊🏾Share the technology
✊🏾Let ALL countries make their own vaccines
✊🏾Equitably redistribute existing vaccines

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Twitter for Android : The U.S. bought up enough vaccine doses to vaccinate more than three times its entire adult population. Now they're expiring - while thousands die daily in the global South for lack of the vaccine. This is a crime against humanity.

Twitter Web App : “Having the recipe would be very, very helpful, and it would also help if someone could show you how to do it.”

Only 0.7% of have gone to low-income countries.

Time to share the vaccine recipe so everyone can be safe 🌍


Twitter for iPhone : The White House has concluded that it can’t unilaterally share Moderna’s vaccine process, despite federal contracts that staked the company with billions.


Twitter Web App : Looking forward to building on progress we’ve made as the Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business & Economic Development, while strengthening economic development and inclusive trade, and supporting our small businesses.