Twitter for iPhone : Looking at how these trolls are reacting to Christopher Bouzy report, no one can convince me they aren’t being backed by higher powers.

Don’t forget the were encouraged by KP to go after Meghan and told they wouldn’t get push back.

There’s more to this, I can feel it...

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Twitter for iPhone : This whole situation is going to backfire on the and the

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Twitter for iPhone : It’s not true that Meghan Markle received only Β£1 in damages despite winning her case against Mail.

She actually received β€˜substantial’ undisclosed damages.

Β£1 myth was caused by a line in the ruling taken out of context.

Great article by Brian Cathcart on Inforrm blog.

Twitter Web App : Yet again I'm disgusted by this celebrity gossip. There are times when it's none of our business, and those include any kind of medical stuff. None of our business. TMZ reporting on a newborn baby and dailyfail writing their trash about a baby is just wrong.