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Bio 'One day you're cock of the walk, the next a feather duster’ - Margot Barber.
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Twitter for iPhone : God, this takes me back…Posh & Piers in the Mirror newsroom, from C4’s new Spice Girls doc. Fairly sure she’s flirting with me….🤣 😍 Victoria Beckham

Twitter for iPhone : Just watched the new film.
Powerful, inspiring, but ultimately devastating.
A genius racing driver who survived the track only to fall victim to snow. Such a freakish irony, and such a heartbreaking situation for his family. I pray they get him back. 🙏

TweetDeck : *NEW COLUMN*
The sight of US border agent horsemen charging into desperate Haitian migrants shames America – but how dare President Biden pass the buck for this chaos when it's HIS shocking 'Get out but come in!' mixed messaging that's causing it?

TweetDeck : OK, if we're going all PC with cricket terminology, what happens to 'maidens', 'third man', 'bunny rabbit', 'Chinaman', 'duck', 'flat-track bully', 'jockstrap', 'Michelle' (5-for),'Nelson', 'Nightwatchman', 'Dropped a Dolly', 'Twelfth Man', 'whites', & 'full toss in the crease' ?

TweetDeck : Has anyone had long covid symptoms of fatigue & loss of taste/smell for 10 weeks or more and then fully recovered - if so, what did you do that helped get over it?
It's getting very irritating..