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Twitter for iPhone : *NEW COLUMN*
RIP Gen Colin Powell - the greatest president the US never had & a man who fought his way from the humblest of beginnings to prove there's no barrier to anyone of any color achieving the American dream if they work hard enough & dream big. mol.im/a/10104233

Twitter for iPhone : Yes… on his Iraq WMD ‘evidence’, he told me: ‘When I realized that a large part of it - not all of it, but a considerable part of it - was wrong and we should have known it was wrong, I felt terrible. I felt disappointed. It was wrong. That is the summation of it. It was wrong.’

Twitter for iPhone : General Colin Powell once showed me his personal ‘life rules’ chart that he took everywhere.
It included:
‘Get mad, then get over it. Share credit.
Remain calm.
Be kind.
Have a vision.
Be demanding.’
They seem like pretty damn good life rules to me. What a great man.

Twitter for iPhone : BREAKING NEWS: General Colin Powell, 84, has died from complications from Covid-19. He was an outstanding military leader & war hero and the first Black US Secretary of State. He was also a highly intelligent, courageous, charismatic and decent man. Very sad news.

TweetDeck : All this talk of politicians needing to be kinder to each after Sir David Amess' murder is irrelevant to what happened. The real issue, once again, is the ease with which hate preachers can brazenly poison impressionable young minds via the lawless unregulated internet.