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Twitter Web App : How to save on heating bills me in Saga Magazine, yours for only £29 for a year with really top journalists contributing Paxman, Susie Dent, Jenni Murray, Kate Humble - oh and me with 3 pages of money.

Twitter Web App : 'Religious' is a false friend in this one - 'sacrilegious' comes from the Latin 'sacrilegus', 'stealer of sacred things', which is made up of 'sacr-', 'sacred', + legere, 'gather'.

Twitter for iPhone : ‘Controuver’ (15th century): an inventor of false gossip; a contriver.

It’s one of the words in my trio for this week’s Something Rhymes with Purple.… a

Twitter for iPhone : A spelling tip to kick off your day, from the Sir Linkalot spelling app. It’s one of my favourites.

Twitter for iPhone : I’m like the assistant manager, given the job until end of season. Earn respect of dressing room (Susie DentRachel Riley 💙), get some points on the board, try to win a trophy! 75 games to get it right! 🤣

Absolute honour. Fav show ever. July 14 to start of Nov.🙌

Sprout Social : 'No zoo in the world can provide elephants with the complex social structures and vast spaces they need to thrive.' Angela Sheldrick, CEO, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Read our new report, Elephants in Zoos: A Legacy of Shame 🐘 ⬇️…

Twitter for iPhone : There are many words born from mistakes. I love the fact that ‘cherry’ and ‘pea’ were both mistaken back-formations from ‘cherise’ and ‘pease’, which were wrongly taken to be plural.

Twitter Web App : I love that technically we should be 'fneezing' not 'sneezing'. The 'f' was misread as a long medieval 's'. A 'fneeze' has just the right sound of a blocked nose and a snort.