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Bio Retired, married, children and grandchildren. Politics left of centre, pro-EU membership.
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Twitter for Android : The current crisis in this country, like so many others, is the almost inevitable outcome of a class-bound, self-dealing political system, whose ruling party is funded by multimillionaires and whose media is largely owned by billionaires. The rest of us are collateral damage.

Twitter Web App : Grant Shapps re Angela Rayner's accurate scum description. “there’s no place in public life for that kind of behaviour.”
However, there is a place in public life for corruption, lying, cronyism, bribes, lies and theft of public money and thousands of avoidable deaths.

Twitter for iPhone : There’s a risk of a turkey shortage this Christmas. So if any turkeys would like to come over and help out, they’d be very welcome. Only until Christmas Eve though.

Twitter Web App : Needed to visit motorway services yesterday. A notice said people must wear masks in the building. Few were, despite masks being supplied free. Understand you can't wear one while eating, but the rest of the time - especially in the loo? Free masks if you don't have one..

Twitter for iPhone : The Covid rate where I live is now 686.9/100k. Few people wear masks, schools are struggling… several year groups have had 2 day ‘firebreaks’ to mass PCR test. This is not ‘living with the virus’… it’s lunacy.

Twitter for iPhone : ‘Adonis said Labour should campaign to rejoin the single market & customs union, step by step towards rejoining as the UK's 'destiny is to be European', adding: 'The only thing that is stopping us is an absence of imagination & real passion in campaigning”…

Twitter Web App : How many people did not know that the EU were not only about to cut all the loop holes for big companies and individuals form avoiding paying their fair share of tax but also that they were about to make the uk level up our pensions too , in line with the other member states ?

Twitter Web App : My wife and I drove 5 miles and queued for 2 hours to get petrol at 6.30 this morning. I pray for emergency workers and those who need fuel in the days ahead. This is on you Boris Johnson and your vacuous Brexit deal.

Twitter for Android : I hope this message goes viral...

As a HGV driver myself, illl try to explain what it's currently like from the perspective of a 'professional driver'.

To become a 'professional HGV driver' you first need to apply for a professional licence. This can currently take up to 12...