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Twitter Web App : I thought he was supposed to be isolating?

After 'a member of his family had tested positive for Covid' conveniently immediately after his abject apology and subsequent mauling at by Starmer...

Twitter Web App : In 2019 I wrote a piece for the The New Statesman on 'The Closing of the Conservative Mind'. I argued that Conservatism had become intellectually rudderless & incapable of serious thinking about policy. Johnson's rise was a symptom of that crisis, & it will survive his fall. [THREAD]

Twitter for Android : ICYMI, the government of this perfectly normal country is preparing to stage an actual Qanon fantasy, as a PR stunt, in order to attack the encryption on messaging apps.

Twitter Web App : Couple of fun House of Commons clips here.

1. Here’s Matt Hancock explaining why pubs have to shut at 10. Because “late at night” (ie when drunk) people end up “closer together” and so spread the virus more.

Twitter for iPhone : For a bit of escapism I decided to watch Chernobyl this week. A drama in which political corruption, lies and incompetence lead to death and destruction — and the powerful block the quest for the truth.
Well that was a nice break from the day to day

Twitter for Android : One regrettable downside of weeks like this is that we lose faith in ourselves, as a country. Our ability to do amazing things, to solve huge problems. Let's not lose that belief. The UK is an extraordinary place. Here's to being inspired and re-energised by each other.