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Twitter for iPhone : 'Ensuring that all Member States have access to liquid gas markets and diversified sources of supply is therefore a key objective of the EU's Energy Union.'

Sounds fantastic - where do we sign up?

Oh. Ah. Oops.…

Twitter for Android : Government no longer wants independent regulators: eg Ofcom and the Charity Commission. It no longer wants independent institutions: eg the BBC and the Metropolitan Police. We need to stop this tide - it's why we are suing Nadine Dorries.…

Twitter Web App : This strange obsession with people getting ‘unecessarily worried’ is not evidence based. No one is the arbiter of worry. And where a novel disease is concerned, no one is yet an expert. If concerns are raised, their risk need to be mitigated, not patronised.

Twitter Media Studio : New BBC Director of British Values

Twitter Web App : 🧵 Since I notice an increasing number of otherwise very reasonable people saying “we have to learn to live with the virus” I’d like to briefly spell out why I find it a fundamentally flawed idea. It is no coincidence that the skilled AIER/Koch/GBD PR people use this phrasing.

Twitter Web App : If you lead an agency of any kind (PR, marketing, ad, comms, digital, design etc), subscribe to my weekly newsletter and start each week with some thoughts to nudge you to be working ON your business, rather than just in it...…

Twitter for iPhone : Our video on why some people are using a horse drug to try and prevent or treat COVID (despite repeated warnings not to and a lack of supporting evidence to do so) is now in the ‘most watched’ list on the ⁦BBC News (UK)⁩ website.…

Twitter Web App : A thing I need people to understand is that systems are optimized to produce the output they actually produce, and that this FREQUENTLY differs from what people THINK the system is optimized to produce.

This applies to every kind of system.

Twitter Web App : There's a very strong and well-established correlation between the rule of law and prosperity. But the rule of law is under threat all around the world.

This matters. A lot.

What does this mean for markets? And what does it mean for agencies?…

Twitter Web App : Sobering new data report out today from my CitizensAdvice colleagues showing worrying signs of financial problems ahead of October's Universal Credit cut and energy price cap rise 👀…