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Bio UK / IRE. No masks, lockdowns, social distancing, testing. Withdraw dangerous gene gunk. No medical tyranny. NO COMPLY. NEVER GIVE IN.
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Twitter Web App : Of course MSNBC (Comcast) and Pfizer would say that.
Vanguard owns 8.53% of Comcast, 8.14% of Pfizer
Blackrock owns 6.92% of Comcast, 7.26% of Pfizer
Get the jabs out for lots of ££££$$$$$ - these psychopaths don't care about child injuries and deaths.

Twitter Web App : An article to promote hatred and division in society, which is what Nazi Midazolam Matt wants, continuing to push the lie that 'injections will make you free'.
'Arbeit macht frei' or better 'Spritzen macht frei'

Twitter Web App : Garbage article - no quotes of actual scientific advisers apart from a barely related comment from a prof at the end. 'Sources' quoted.
Just a stinking pile of clap trap cooked up by bent hacks

Twitter Web App : Billions of lives ruined because a wealthy elite of 10,000 or so want to make a big cash return on their investments. Get taxpayers to pay for dangerous jabs and pay off the media to sell the product. Bribe govs and bent scientists to fiddle the research and push the poison.

Twitter Web App : That protests are getting bigger in many countries (and in many towns and cities in them) is a hopeful sign - and those people are getting more angry with the authorities

Twitter for iPhone : Protest at the Manchester Arndale earlier today against jabs for kids, Covid passes, winter lockdowns and vaccine mandates

What I found interesting was many onlookers were actually cheering for the protestors

People have had enough and it’s showing