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unfortunately a reveluv


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눈물이 차올랐지만 고갤 들어 극복했습니다
모아들 진짜 너무 고맙고 사랑해요
남은 활동도 최선을 다할게요

눈물이 차올랐지만 고갤 들어 극복했습니다 모아들 진짜 너무 고맙고 사랑해요 남은 활동도 최선을 다할게요 #태현 #TAEHYUN
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127's choreographers need to take advantage of the fact that they have 9 members and use that for different formations etc instead of just breaking them into pairs/units all the time 🥲

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i will not start csm as a megumi stan bc i will know that i will suffer the same amount of pain that i’m suffering rn

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on doyoung’s birthday and during 127’s comeback too?? yeah y’all can’t convince me chris lee doesn’t have a personal vendetta against 127

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it’s so disrespectful to ALL parties that have been affected by this for someone to just finesse their way back like nothing happened

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chanyeol took his time to get all the evidence went to the courts and get the man who were behind this sued and he didn't lose any deal's with any of his brands be serious