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I mainly tweet about Food, Music, Coffee and Technology, None of which I really have a clue about, but so far so good.


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So our episode with Semil has been a runaway success.

So many of you have asked for a separate show 20 Emerging Manager.

Not the usual Tier 1, established VCs but the Fund 1’s, super early in their fund life cycle.

Do we want it?

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Something I have learned recently:

Some people are just assholes. 😂

They can’t help it and they won’t change.

So don’t bother giving them feedback.

There is no upside. They ain’t changing.

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Most business relationships are asymmetric yet most people waste opportunities. I learned this after years of doing biz dev.

You might get one shot to stand out by creating value. If that door opens take it serious, invest time, try to be uniquely helpful...

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Real-time seed stage founder’s response when they raised their $100M pre-emptive Series B from SoftBank with $82 MRR… 😂

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Tomorrow we release an absolutely 🔥 20VC. One of the best we have done with Semil on:

The mistakes VCs made over the last 24 months.

The secrets to raising first time funds and scaling funds.

Returning a 30-40x on your first fund with Hashicorp and Instacart.

🔥 👇

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As Asma Khan (@asma_khanldn) brings Darjeeling Express back to Kingly Court, she reflects on its journey over the last five years

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Who are the best startup recruiters for European engineering talent, particularly frontend?

Asking for (a) friend(s) :-)